Iconic Mirage Podcast #8 S.G.B


The musical atoms of his creative output are the classic Roland TR 808/909 drum computer and Roland TB 303 synth bass creating either warm or cold spheres of synthesizers, sneaky electro beats as well as an extraordinary portion of groovy frequencies all stamped on pure vinyl.
S.G.B.´s world consists of passion, broad knowledge, (hard) work and tells us a classic story about electronic music- with elements from the future and the past. A story about an inevitable destiny… . Dance. Dance. Dance.

Iconic Mirage Podcast #7 Porter

Porter, the man with a heart of groove, serves you a lesson in advanced house music… So prick up your ears and learn!
This producer, DJ, label owner and musicologist has spent a long time researching and reflecting on many musical aspects, which he has now processed into a very special course for us.
His creative output consists of a range that is remarkably large for the underground club area. We move fluently between Chicago and Funky House with characteristics like rolling basslines and short intelligent percussive breaks. Porter drives, pumps, is jazzy, funky… but through it all he keeps it nice and deep.
A straight combination of kickdrum and bassline is the solid foundation of his whole work. But above this foundation a diverse world of variations opens up. This draws you in easily, and after a while you realize that there is no escape from it….So welcome to Porter’s house!

The whole delicate map of his work is manifested in his own Berlin music label — Certain Circles — and we have now learned that there can only be one philosophy for this: Strictly Groove!
Thanks Porter :)

Iconic Mirage Podcast #6 Pasqualino

Pasqualino’s high quality ingenious ACID BRAINFUCK.
Official meanings of Acid:
1: Highly hallucinogenic drug that can be synthetically manufactured.
2: Style of music characterized by fast, mostly computer-generated. rhythms.
3: Acids are chemical compounds that release protons in water or other polar solvents.
Whatever. Pasqualino washes your brains at 120 degrees completely soft and colors them neon green.
May we ask you to step inside????

Iconic Mirage Podcast #5 Bollwaerk

The Potsdam // Germany based DJ & producer cleverly constructs an electronic sound collage full of surprises.
Elements of funk, soul and jazz, as well as genres like Garage and Acid are represented in his flowing iconic electronic vinyl mix.
He is very welcome.

Iconic Mirage Podcast #4 Jenson

Jenson’s atmospheric concept begins in Detroit’s electronic streets and takes us deep into the underground.
House, acid and techno form an almost dystopian maxim.
The question whether a machine can be a projector for love is answered by Jenson’s DJ mix from a sonic point of view with a clear yes.
Plug in the jack and feel.
Thx Jenson.

Iconic Mirage Podcast #3 Yves Taubert

This part of our DJ Mix Podcast is a tribute to Techno.
Yves Taubert’s integrity to the repetitive rhythm pattern and to multi-layered synthesizer arrangements clearly lets us perceive the reflection of a subculture that carries and feeds the soul of the techno city Berlin.
Expressive and deep like a dark star of metal.
Thank you Yves .

Iconic Mirage Podcast #2 Pasqualino

A giant honors Iconic Mirage with his art.
The Prometheus of diversity.
The texture of his sphere is techno.
His image in vinyl is powerful.
Detroit, Chicago and Oldschool Techno, Dark Wave, Electro, Synth-pop, Ambient, Abstract, Broken Beats and Film Music.
Pasqualino is limitless.
Open your ears humans.

Iconic Mirage Podcast #1 Jenson

For the 1th edition of our DJ mix podcast we would like to introduce you to a very nice selection of deep, dark, electronic tracks by Berlin // Germany based DJ, producer & founder of Iconic Mirage. // Jenson //
His technoid transfer fills our deep electronic heart.
A worthy start…